Email piping is a feature that enables downloading, and saving all the email replies to your message history.

i. Auto Email Piping

  1. To automate this option, go to your 'helpdesk' folder and open the 'wce.pipecron.php' with a text editor. In the first line of this .php file, you will find the below code:

    <? php $configpath = "Your One Admin Document Path";

    Replace the orange color text with your Document Path. To find the Document Path, open the '/panel/config.php' file with your text editor, then copy and paste this path into $configpath = " " . Let's assume the Document Path is '/home/sitename/public_html/panel/'

  2. Next, you need to setup cron job via your web hosting control panel, and all the email replies will be auto-downloaded to database in an interval time.

  3. For more info on cron job setting, please refer to '

ii. Launch Email Piping

  1. You can manually download the email replies by clicking the 'Launch Email Piping' in the List Ticket page similar to above screenshot.

Please wait while the launching of email piping is in progress and instantly all emails will be displayed in the list.