1. From our previous tutorial of edit record page, we have talked about updating your products info, now lets proceed to the product 'Options/Sub Charges' link on the top right in the edit page.

  2. This option is used when there is new sub charges incur on particular products and it will be displayed at your front end.

  3. Then, a page similar to above will be shown. If your 'Existing Option Class' is empty, you can Create New option class (eg. Size, color, or model) and created class will be shown in the drop down list.

  4. Enter an 'Option Message' for public viewing (e.g. 'Please Select' as default message in the drop down). Also, enter an 'Option Value' (e.g. Medium, Red, or 213T) and customize 'Sub Charge' if any. (Sub Charge can be an extra charges incurred or reduced charges at lower rate for respective products). Select option availability as 'Yes' to display it at front end. Subsequently, click on 'Add' button.

  5. Created 'Option Class' will be added in the list below. You can edit and update records such as Availability, and re-arrange the sequence. Click on icon to edit particular records and click on icon to delete option class.