1. After you've login to your admin area, proceed to your eCommerce or click on 'Admin' > 'Installation' if your eCommerce has yet to be installed.

  2. Next, click on 'Product Catalog' > 'Add Product' to insert a wide series of products into your catalog. First, enter product's 'SKU/Code', and 'Product Name'.

  3. Then, choose product's 'Main Category' to locate it in a specific category. If you intend to display the same product under different categories, select multiple categories from the drop down list.

  4. Insert 'Product Images' with 'Thumbnail Photo' size ranging between 120 to 200 pixels and the 'Enlarged Photo' size ranging between 300 to 500 pixels in JPEG and GIF format. If you select 'Auto-Image Resizing', the photos will be resized according to the settings that you define at 'Preference > Store Options'. Meanwhile, if you select 'Auto-Thumbnail', leave the Thumbnail column blank where a thumbnail will be generated automatically for you.

  5. Enter your product prices such as 'Normal Price' and 'Promotional Price' if any. Write a 'Short Description' about your product in a textarea provided and enter 'Detailed Description' in Richtext using HTML editor.