Upon completion, the wizard will give you a summarized details for the whole process. A copy of your old data will be backup for undo purpose.

  1. Below are the summary for the CSV import process:

    1. Database and table used for import - Your database name and table name which has been successfully import.

    2. Number of records in existing table - Total records in your existing table.

    3. Number of records in uploaded CSV file - Total records which has been uploaded.

    4. Import first record line in CSV file - If 'No', it indicates that your import process is without the first record line in CSV file.

    5. Number of records after import process - Total records after import process.

    6. Time Start and Time End - Stated the time when you start the import process and the ending time when it's finished.


Browse to the bottom of this page and select either 'View to verify all the records for the database table', 'Undo the Import process and restore your original data' or 'Use the export function to backup your latest data'. Otherwise, Click 'OK' to exit import task.