1. Next, you need to connect to your MySQL database. Fill out the information as below:

    MySQL Host - The host name of the server where MySQL is installed, such as localhost (the most common used name).

    MySQL User - The user account of MySQL database.

    MySQL Password - The password for the above user account.

  2. Tick checkbox to 'Save this connection information' so that you don't have to retype your MySQL info the next time you setup a connection to your database. Click 'Clear this connection information' to delete your MySQL information without save.

  3. Subsequently, hit the 'Connect' button. Then, select a 'Database' and a 'Table' that you wish to import the uploaded CSV data into specific table.

          You're able to preview the table you've selected. Click 'View All Columns' to view all records. Click 'Next' to proceed to 'Match Column'.