1.There are 4 consecutive steps that you need to follow in order to import your CSV file into specific database. But first and foremost, prepare your data using a spread sheet with the correct format and save it in CSV file format. For example:

Format: "subscriber_id", "First Name", "Last Name", "Company", "Position", "Email", "Type", "Status"
Example: "1","John","Doe","Comdev Software","programmer", "john@domain.com", "HTML", "Active"
(Note: You must prepare your data columns similar to your MySQL table. For any column with date, use 'YYYY-MM-DD' format. Make sure that any column bearing primary key does not have repeated values).

2. Next, browse to your CSV File (Maximum upload size is 2000000 bytes), and enter a symbol in 'Columns are separated by' or use default symbol (This is to indicate that each column with data is separated by a comma). Also, define 'Number of records to preview' (Enter number of records to be displayed in the table below). Subsequently, click 'Upload' button.

3. You're able to preview uploaded CSV file in the table. Click 'View All Columns' to view all records. Also, you'll find reports on 'Total columns found in CSV File' and 'Total records found in CSV File'. Click 'Next' to proceed with database connection.