1. Click on 'Write Blog' > 'List Blog' to edit your blogs. You can choose to view all blogs or a specific user blog by 'View an User's Blog' from the drop down menu (These users are created in Community > Add User), and click on 'Go' button. Also, you can search by blog 'Category', 'Archives', by 'Date Post', or by 'Search Title' (enter keywords or phrase of the blog title). Then, click on 'Search'.

  2. Search result will be appeared in the list below, it will display the '#ID' (Note : Each blog has it's own identifier[id] that represent by an integer which is used to call up specific pages and to load content).

  3. Also, the author name and blog title will display on 'Blog's Title'. 'Publish On' will display the date and 'Comm' display number of comments posted by users. You can sort the list using or icon.

  4. Simply update blog's 'Display' option and 'Status'. Click on 'Update List' once you're done and click on pencil icon to edit respective blogs content.

To remove multiple blogs, easily check the box adjacent to each blog and click on 'Delete Selected'.