1. Click on 'Manage Pages > Email Copies' to create various email groups or departments in order to send email concurrently to multiple email addresses of respective departments.

  2. To begin, select a 'Form Name' that you've created earlier to locate the department's name under specific form. Then, enter a name in 'Email Group/Department', e.g. Human Resource Department. Next, enter multiple recipient email addresses of the department, e.g. john@yahoo.com, susan@hotmail.com.

  3. Personalize the subject and message of your email. In 'Message Body', you can click to insert field's name from the table on your right. If there is no field available, you might want to create various fields for your form in 'Form Fields'. (Note : Please do not remove or edit all the variables placed within the [[ ]] brackets).

Click on 'Add' button once you're done. Created group/department names and email copy will be displayed in the list below and you can edit specific records by clicking on pencil icon and easily remove records in just a few clicks.