1. Now, lets create multiple form pages in the 'Manage Pages' > 'Form Pages'. To begin, select existing 'Form Name' from the drop down list in which you have created earlier, for e.g. 'Feedback Form'. Then, enter a 'Page Name', e.g. 'Send Us Your Feedback'. Subsequently, click on 'Add' button.

  2. Created pages will display in the list where you can rearrange pages sequence to display them accordingly at front-end and easily remove selected pages with just a few clicks.

  3. Click on icon to edit and update page info. Meanwhile, click on icon to create/edit fields for respective forms.

  4. Next, browse to the bottom of this page to proceed with 'Send Extra Email Copies' to send email to multiple email addresses of respective groups or departments. But before that, select a 'Form Name' from the drop down list to display all email groups/departments. If there's no record in your database, you'll have to create email group in the 'Manage Pages > Email Copies'.

    For more detailed explanation about sending extra email to multiple groups or department, please refer to the next tutorial.