After you've login to your admin area, proceed to your Form Designer or click on 'Admin' > 'Installation' if your Form Designer is yet to install. You can create your own forms or select preset forms to help you create. To begin, please click on 'Manage Form' > 'Add Form'.

Create your own form

  1. To create a brand new form, enter your 'Form Name' which is the name or type of form you wish to create, e.g. Sales Enquiry Form.

  2. Then, enter a complete 'Web Page URL' of your domain in order to display your form at the front-end, e.g. ''.

  3. Select your preferable options at below in enabling the system to perform 'Upon Form Submission':

    1. Select either to 'Direct User To Thank You Page' (Prompt user to a Thank You page) or 'Redirect User to URL' (Link to a new page) upon form submission. If you choose 'Redirect User to URL', enter a complete URL of specific website.

    2. 'Notify Admin' - System will send notification email to admin when users submit form.

    3. 'Auto-Responder' - Send email to respective users after they submit form.

    4. 'Send Extra Email Copies' - Enable this option to send email to different user groups concurrently.

    5. 'Display In Menu' - Display created Form Name in your front-end menu.

    6. 'Preview & Print Page' - Enable users to preview and print out form after they have filled out the form.

    7. 'Prohibit Multiple Submissions' - Restrict a user to submit the same form more than once.

  4. Also, select the 'Location Of Tips' either 'Above Field' or Below Field' (Note : Tip is a hint given to users on how to answer questions in your form).

  5. Personalize a 'Thank You Message' in Rich Text format using HTML editor, e.g. 'Thank you for your submission. We will get back to you shortly.'

You can also personalize the email subject and message for 'Email Notification of New Post' where this email is sent to admin when users submit form as well as personalize 'Auto-Responder' email or use default email. (Note : Do not remove all variables place within [[ ]] bracket.)