1. Click on 'Write Newsletter' > 'Add Newsletter' to create your newsletter. You can 'Load Template' that you've created earlier to assist you in writing newsletter. Next, 'Choose Group' (The group names are created in 'Newsletter Group') to locate newsletter into respective groups.

  2. Today's date will be shown by default or define the 'Publish Date' in YYYY-MM-DD format. Click to select 'Show Newsletter In Archive' if you intend to display your newsletter in your front-end.

  3. Enter your newsletter subject. In the 'Newsletter Body' section, write your newsletter in 'HTML-based Email' where you can create tables, define colors, insert graphics, and create newsletter as 'Plain Text Email'.

  4. You can even 'Upload Attachment' to enable users to download file in your newsletter. Once you're done, click on 'Save' button or click on 'Save As Template' to insert template in the database.