1. After you've log on to your system, proceed to 'News Publisher' module or your 'Admin' > 'Installation' if your News Publisher is yet to install. Next, click on 'Category' to create various categories to manage your news.

  2. Enter a 'Category Name' which is related to your news that you intend to publish. Select a 'Parent Category' from the drop down list. (Select from existing categories or create as main category.)

  3. Write a brief 'Description' about the category. Also, enter the Sequence of categories to display them accordingly.

  4. New added categories will display in the list below at instant. Every category will have its own ID which is used to call specific pages in your Website.

  5. You can sort list by clicking on the or icon adjacent to the list header. To remove your records, simply select the category(ies) and click on 'Delete Selected'.

  6. Meanwhile, click on pencil icon to edit respective category. If you change the sequence for each category, click on 'Update Sequence'.