1. Manage various forums in an organized manner by categorize them into different groups. To do so, click on 'Manage Category'.

  2. First, select a Forum's name from the drop down that you've created earlier in 'Manage Forum', then enter a 'Category Name', e.g. 'News and Announcement' and enter 'Category Description'.

  3. You can set this category as 'Private' to allow only specific user group(s) to access (Multiple user groups can be created in 'Manage User > User Groups') or set it as 'Public' where everyone can access.

  4. Click on radio button 'Hide' to hide forum from public viewing. Click on checkbox 'Redirect Category Link' to create a link for this forum, enter the URL of your domain which will bring users to particular page upon clicking on the category link.

  5. Pre-define the value of 'Redirected Hits' to indicate number of times this URL is being visited. Click on 'Add' button once you're done.

  6. Click on icon and icon to edit and remove categories respectively. You can also, rearrange categories sequence with relative ease.