1. Click on 'Manage Field' to create various fields in your 'Sign Guestbook' form. First, enter a 'Field Text', e.g. Gender. Then, select 'Field Type' from the drop down list, eg. Radio Button. Define 'Field Width' in pixel or use default width.

  2. In the 'Field Options' textbox, enter the Gender options e.g. Female and Male. Click on 'Add' button beside the textbox and to remove option, choose 'Delete' option. Check the 'Compulsory Field' option for mandatory field and uncheck the 'Show' option to hide field from public viewing.

  3. Click on 'Add' and created field will be shown in the list. From the list, update particular fields’ visibility and rearrange field’s sequence. Click on lower or upper icon to sort list in ascending or descending order. Whereas to edit, click on pencil icon.

  4. Editing a field is same as creating a field, but this time click on 'Update' instead of 'Add' and click on 'Delete' to discard specific field right away.