1. After you've login to your admin area, proceed to your Guestbook or click on 'Admin' > 'Installation' if your Guestbook has yet to install.

  2. All guestbook entries posted by visitors will be located at your back end system, which is in 'List Post' section.

  3. To view specific records, you can perform search using different criteria such as 'Date Posted From' (Click on calendar icon the to select the date you want for a certain period.), 'Guestbook Type' either 'Public' or 'Private' (If the post is viewable by admin only), search by 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'IP Address', or enter 'Keyword' to search.

  4. The entire search results will be instantly displayed in the list. From the list, you can uncheck 'Show' option for particular post to hide it from public viewing, and sort list in ascending or descending order using upper or lower arrow icon.

  5. Click on pencil icon to edit guestbook details and easily remove selected post in a click away.