1. Let's proceed to method 1 which is 'Upload Photos Using Zip File'.

2. Click on the 'Start Upload' button and a window will prompt to you. Browse to the location of your Zip file and click on 'Upload Zip File' button to start uploading process.

(Note: Make sure that your zip file consists only images, without any sub-folders).


Upload via FTP

1. Using a FTP program, upload your photos to the web server directory, for e.g. 'oneadmin/_files/photo_ftp'.

2. Next, personalise the "Settings For Bulk Uploads" section:

 Select 'Set Category as' to locate your photos that you are going to upload in a specific group.

'Set Publish Date' in YYYY-MM-DD format or use default date, and select 'Use File Name as Photo Title' to use the exact name of your uploaded photo as photo title.

Enable 'Auto Create Thumbnail' to create a thumbnail automatically at your front-end.

Meanwhile, enable 'Auto Resize Photo' to display your enlarged photos using your preferable size that you define at 'Preference > General Settings'.

Enable 'Add Copyright Text' to display copyright text on your uploaded photos and enable 'Add Watermark' to display watermark on your photos.


3. After you've finished the settings, click on Start button to complete your bulk uploading.