1. Go to Bulk Upload Tab

2. Before you start uploading your photos in bulk, personalize your bulk uploads settings.

3. Select 'Set Category as' to locate your photos that you are going to upload in a specific group.

4.'Set Publish Date' in YYYY-MM-DD format or use default date, and select 'Use File Name as Photo Title' to use the exact name of your uploaded photo as photo title.

5.It's optional for you to 'Use EXIF' data as 'Description'. (Note : EXIF is the metadata stored in JPG files captured by digital camera). Also, Set Photo Status As New if you want to.

6. Enable 'Auto Create Thumbnail' to create a thumbnail automatically at your front-end. Meanwhile, enable 'Auto Resize Photo' to display your enlarged photos using your preferable size that you define at 'Preference > General Settings'.

7.Enable 'Add Copyright Text' to display copyright text on your uploaded photos and enable 'Add Watermark' to display watermark on your photos. (Note : Watermark must be in PNG file format with GD library v2.0 and it's only apply to JPG photos with GD library v2.0 or above ).

8. There are two methods in which you can use to upload your photos in bulk, the 'Bulk Uploading Using Zip File' and the 'Bulk Upload via FTP.