1. Click on 'Installation' to install your Vote Caster using a product activation key. To obtain the activation key, please visit to our Product Activation Key form.
  2. In order for us to generate the correct activation key, copy the 'Product Activation URL' from the 'Installation' page similar to above screenshot, e.g 'http://your_domain.com/panel/' and paste it into the 'Installation URL' textbox in the 'Product Activation Key' form.

  3. After you have submitted the 'Installation URL' together with your 'Order Tag' and 'Email Address', an activation key will be sent to your email address.

  4. To activate your Vote Caster, copy and paste the activation key sent to you into the 'Activation Key' textbox and click on 'Save' button. Subsequently, your Vote Caster has been successfully activated.

To delete your Vote Caster, simply click on 'Uninstall' and a confirmation message will prompt to you. Hit 'OK' button and it will be deleted instantly.