1. To add multiple questions to your campaign, click on 'Manage Question'. Select a campaign you've created earlier from the drop down list.

  2. Enter your 'Question' and select preferable 'Answer Type' either in Radio Button, Check Box or Drop Down List. (If you select 'Drop Down List', only plain text is allowed for this question type.)

  3. Then, insert multiple answers in Rich Text format using the HTML editor where you can personalise font color, insert pictures, links, etc. For additional answer entries, enter the total of new answer item(s) that you want. Then, hit the 'Go' button and the new answer items with HTML editor will appear.

  4. Select checkbox of 'Show Other Answer Text Box' to create a textbox that required users to fill out their answers. You can put a default text in the textbox as "If other, please specify". (Label will only appear when answer type is in radio button or checkbox)

Also, you can enter number of votes for each answer and rearrange the sequence for your answers at your own preference. Subsequently, click on 'Add' button to insert the questions and answers to your database. From the table list below, you can edit, update and remove particular answers easily.