1. After you've logged in to your admin area, proceed to the Vote Caster module or click on 'Admin' > 'Installation' if your Vote Caster has yet to install.

  2. Next, create various campaigns in your Vote Caster. Enter a 'Campaign Title' and a complete 'Campaign Front-End URL' to display your campaign in the front-end.

  3. Your campaign is opened for public to vote as long as you want unless you set an expiry date or put a voting limit to it. To do so, select a 'Campaign Type'.

  4. If you wish to display your campaign within a certain period of days before it expire, click on 'Start Date' and 'End Date' radio button, then choose the date from calendar icon or use default date. Alternatively, you can set a maximum number of votes in order to 'Deactivate campaign when it reaches max voter number'.

  5. Click on 'Randomize Question' checkbox to display your campaign questions at random and in 'Show' textbox, enter how many number of question(s) to be shown per appearance. Also, you can define number of votes for respective campaigns in advance in 'Voter Count' to track number of votes derived.

  6. Personalise your own 'Button Text', this button will appear in each campaign for users to submit their votes. Personalize a 'Thank You Message' with HTML enabled (i.e. Thanks for your vote).

  7. Set campaign status as 'Active' to allow the public to vote and uncheck option 'Allow Public to View Result' to disallow the public to view results. Subsequently, click on 'Add' button to add campaign to the database.

Simply click on question icon to 'Manage Question', click on icon to 'View Results', click on pencil icon to 'Edit Campaign', and click on icon to 'Reset Vote' for respective campaigns. Easily update campaign status and remove selected campaign at instant. click on or icon to sort list in ascending or descending order.